after it all goes down

once you leave me after having your brows microbladed, i can only provide you with the information and support you need to properly care for your fresh brows - the rest is up to you. 

remember - communicate with me directly if you have any questions - i am here for you. 


let's keep it simple. i want you to have the best healing and result you possibly can. 

do not get your tattoo wet for about 3 days after the procedure. this means you need to take care when washing your face and when showering. it is a good idea to use a face towel and wash around your brows, being careful not to scrub at them or get any soap on them. soaps and other products can affect the pigment bonding. this is dry healing time and scabs may start to form. 

after 3 days you should start using either coconut oil or an unscented lotion on your brows, morning and night up to 3 times daily. this keeps the scabs moist so they do not prematurely flake off, removing some of the deposited pigment with them. avoiding this as much as possible is ideal for pigment retention. 

please, please do not pick at your scabs. picking scabs off will, no doubt, pull out pigment with the scabs and you may lose this pigment! scabs should flake off on their own following the natural healing process. Once the scabs do come off, you will notice a layer of skin covering the hair strokes thus making them less visible. not to worry - after about a week or two the pigment and strokes will resurface as your skin exfoliates itself and regenerates. 

The complete healing process will take about 6-8 weeks. Throughout this time you may see the tattoo lighten more than you want it to. Hold tight - the colour will resurface as your skin heals and exfoliates. This is totally normal - after 6 weeks you will see the true colour at which time you may book your touch up appointment to adjust colour and perfect.

after the first week you may gently wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean, disposable towel or gauze.

keep out of the sun throughout the healing process.

do not apply any cosmetics to your brows for the first 2 weeks following the procedure. After 2 weeks, if you feel you need to softly fill in your brows with cosmetic product, be gentle and aware of your healing when adding and removing cosmetics. 

do not use petroleum jelly on your tattoo.

do not go in pools/jacuzzis for the first 2 weeks of healing. 

do not thread or wax while healing. 

do not use any anti-acne or anti-ageing products on the tattooed area while healing.

do not exercise for about a week after your procedure - no sweating!