intro & summer faves

i'm back! i used to blog and then, honestly, i got lazy. actually, i think the correct word is unmotivated. i used to feel really, really inspired to write what felt like little stories for my friends. everything inspired me and i couldn't wait to share. the comments and compliments i received about what i wrote really made my heart happy. 

something happened last year. 

i really lost a little bit of my lust for life. I was working at a job that i didn't LOVE and i felt suffocated by my schedule. suddenly i wasn't inspired. i stopped doing art completely and as an artist, that wreaks havoc on your life. i can't really explain that one in words. i guess it's sort of like deciding not to have the essence of who you are be present in your day-to-day.

as a lot of you know, i started a new career path in the beauty industry for the second time in my life. i don't want this blog to be centred around my involvement in the microblading industry, but my decision to become a cosmetic tattoo artist was really was sparked and reignited my life as an artist. i started loving every different day again and truly connecting with all the beautiful people i crossed paths with because of my job every day.

i hope to dedicate these little stories to all things art in my life, which might mean beauty, food, people, music, travel, home or whining (just a little of the last one). 

enough about me. 

i have some amazing product & life faves for you this summer. i try EVERYTHING, so you can trust me. 

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

when I first got my hands on this, i absolutely hated it. it actually took me probably a month to really start to love this product. The problem was that I was using way too much of it at a time. i find that if I use the smallest amount with my finger, before concealer and on top of eye cream, it completely brightens and softens the under-eye. i wear it alone or with a small amount of concealer on top. using your finger for application warms the product up and helps it to blend.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

with or without a tan wearing a cosmetic bronzer is a must in my books. I wanted to take this opportunity to recommend my absolute favourite bronzer of all time – Soleil Tan de Chanel. this product retails for $53.00 at Nordstrom in Vancouver (how much I love Nordstrom deserves a post of its own) and I fell in love with it immediately. it has a mousse-like texture that ends up feeling like a really silky powder and the colour is brown - not orange. even though it’s not a powder product I still use a large powder brush for application and i love it. The specific brush I use is the #134 from MAC. i love how you can do a light contour with the shape of the brush. the price tag for this product is a little steep, but it lasts a long time. it is definitely one of my summer beauty favourites.

Bioderma Makeup Removing for Sensitive Skin

this product will follow me forever. i use this to remove all of my makeup at night. It is so gentle that it feels like water, but somehow effectively removes all of my makeup (including waterproof eye makeup) without any sort of irritation. 


MAC Fix+

i think this has been my number 1 since i was 16 years old. if I run out of this before I have a new one I can’t handle it (note to self: stock 2 at a time - duh!). i spray this as a finishing step to my makeup to soften makeup lines and give my skin a dewy glow. i also spray this on my bare & moisturized skin since there are a lot of days i don't wear makeup on my skin. it really makes you glow. i prefer the classic scent although i've noticed that MAC periodically comes out with some scented versions.


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

i almost forgot to mention this one. It is my all-time, absolute favourite shower essential. I use the almond one. The soap leaves your skin soft and moisturized, yet you are left with the ultimate clean feeling. i also use this to wash my muslin face cloth and my makeup brushes. i buy it at Whole Foods and there are many scents to choose from.


i am so fortunate to live in such a lush province and city. the wildflowers here are so beautiful to me. i've been picking wild roses and daisies and filling my home with them. i love the way the rose buds bloom in a few days. coming home to flowers, especially wild ones that seem unpretentious for lack of a better word, makes me happy. i have so many beautiful vintage vases from my grandmother that i lace my entire apartment with and fill with fresh blooms whenever i can. 

that's a wrap for now! i hope you're into this again because i'm liking writing again! please feel free to email me or comment. i hope everyone starts to embrace the summer weather like i have, and you'll be hearing from me soon.