frequently asked questions


what do ya want to know?

what is microblading?

microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that employs the use of a tiny blade formed through the alignment of multiple tiny needles. a microblading artist implants pigment, not ink, beneath the surface of the skin using strokes that mimic the look of an actual hair stroke. 

does it hurt?

a little. an effective numbing cream is applied 20-30 minutes prior to the procedure to keep the pain minimal. most clients find the whole process quite tolerable from start to finish, however everyone's threshold for pain is a little different. if you aren't the best with any kind of pain, avoid booking your appointment close to your menstrual cycle. 

can I get tattooed if I am pregnant or nursing?

quickfire: no, sorry! let's wait until you aren't pregnant or nursing. i'll be here for you. 

how long will my tattoo last?

microblading is semi-permanent. you will probably need a touch up 1-2 years after your completed procedure (which means after the 2nd session). this being said, each client's skin retains and breaks down pigment differently so there is NO guarantee of final results. most clients require at least 2 visits as with a regular tattoo. Additional sessions can be booked at addition cost (see pricing page). 

will i bleed during the procedure?

bleeding is minimal during the procedure. you must avoid alcohol consumption the day before and day of your appointment to reduce bleeding. Certain medications that thin the blood including Vitamin E and Ibuprofen must be avoided 72 hours before and after the procedure as excessive bleeding during the procedure reduces pigment absorption. 

can i go in the sun after i get my tattoo?

you should not expose your new tattoo to sun. once healed, sun exposure will significantly fade your tattoo if proper sunblock is not used on the area. microblading can also not be performed on newly tanned or sunburned skin. 

can i go to work the next day?

totally. your tattoo will look beautiful immediately after the procedure with minimal redness and swelling. For the next few days, however, your tattoo will appear darker and more intense than you may prefer. this will lighten up as you heal.

how can i be sure the colour will be what i want?

a custom colour is mixed for each and every client. each client's skin is analyzed prior to implantation in order to create a perfect colour, every time. The majority of clients' tattoos stay true to color and lighten naturally and gradually over time. blonder pigments will lighten more than darker brown ones. the colour will be reevaluated and adjusted if necessary at the 2nd session. 

am i a good candidate for cosmetic tattoo?

everyone is different and everyone heals differently. people with oily skin types may find that their hair stroke tattoos will heal a bit more blurred than someone with dry skin where the stroke heal quite crisp-looking. this is due to the production of oil in the skin mixing with the implanted pigment. 

people with little hair on their existing eyebrow area will have more of a 2D look than others with more hair. 

if you have an existing tattoo and you would like to cover it, you will need to send a picture before booking in order to determine whether you are a candidate for semi-permanent cover-up.